PTG Handbbook 2012-2013

PTG Handbook 2012-2013  


Rebersburg-Miles Township

Parent Teacher Group



This book was written for the benefit of all families in the Rebersburg-Miles Township Elementary School community.  Its purpose is to provide you with important information about your PTG and the many programs and events it sponsors.

We hope that this book will describe the many ways in which your child is affected and enriched by the efforts of the PTG.  More importantly, however, we hope that it will inspire you to become more involved in this very important organization.  We encourage you to identify the volunteer opportunities that are right for you and to become involved as much and as often as you can.


The Rebersburg-Miles Township PTG is an organization that sponsors activities and programs that benefit the students enrolled at Rebersburg-Miles Township Elementary School.

  • The Purposes of the PTG

To promote the welfare of children and youth in the school and the community.

To establish and maintain a relationship in the home and the school, with parents and teachers so that we can cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth.

To develop a relationship between educators and the general public so that a united effort will secure that all children and youth have the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education.

  • Organizational Structure

Anyone who has a vested interest in the school, the kids and the community is welcome to participate with the Rebersburg PTG.   

  • Officers

There are four officer positions:  President, Monica Martin; Vice President, Lorie Wick; Treasurer, Bethany Coursen; and Secretaries, Sherri Taylor and Michele Houtz.  The group nominates and votes for officers to be elected at the May PTG meeting.  

  • Teacher Representatives

The Principal is responsible for advising the PTG of school policies and procedures.  The Teacher Representative is responsible for relaying information to faculty members when they cannot attend PTG meetings.

  • Chairpersons

Chairpersons are responsible for coordinating certain PTG activities (e.g., Homecoming Parade Float, Book Fair, etc.) and programs (Assemblies, Box Tops, etc.)  Any PTG member may volunteer to fill a vacant chairperson position; these posts are not subject to term limits, but can be held indefinitely.

  • Meetings

PTG meetings provide the primary forum for conducting PTG business.  Events are planned, issues are discussed and many purchasing decisions are made at PTG meetings.  Many PTG meetings also serve as a venue for presenting topics of interest to parents.  If there is a matter you wish to discuss at a PTG meeting, you may contact the PTG president in advance and request that information be placed on the agenda, or you may initiate the discussion yourself at a meeting when the president asks for new business.  If your topic is complex or if there is insufficient time for discussion, it may be postponed until the next meeting.

Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, September through June.    All meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. at the school.  Please mark your calendars.

Prior to PTG meetings, your child will bring home a reminder slip to remind you of the date, time, and location of the meeting.  The agenda is sent home with each child the week prior to the meeting.  PTG meetings are informal and usually last about one hour.   Free on-site babysitting is always provided.  Monthly newsletters are sent home with each child.  Additionally, the school website has the minutes and the newsletter posted.


Volunteering with the Rebersburg-Miles Township PTG can be a very rewarding experience for you as a parent and can directly benefit your child.  However, there are other volunteer opportunities that are separate from the PTG.  For example, the Penns Valley Area School District sponsors a highly successful, district-wide Volunteer Program.  This program involves parents, grandparents, and community members who share their time, energy, and talents with teachers and students in all area schools.  (If you would like more information about this program, contact the School Office at 422-2006.)  In addition, individual teachers may occasionally ask for parent volunteers to help with special projects or classroom events.  These examples lie outside the scope of the PTG.  This book will focus only on volunteer opportunities sponsored in whole or in part, by the PTG.

For the protection of all of our children, any person who volunteers must have Act 34 (criminal history) clearance, a 151 (Pennsylvania child abuse history) clearance, and a current tuberculosis test.  However, if you have any questions about these requirements, you may contact the School Office at 422-2006.  Obtaining Act 34 and 151 clearances and taking a TB test are quick and routine procedures;
please note that the cost is the responsibility of the volunteer.



Back-to-School Night is a cooperative effort by teachers, administrators, and PTG members to welcome parents back to school.  Its purpose is to provide you with information that will help you to make the coming year successful and rewarding for your child.  For many, Back-to-School Night is also an opportunity to establish, or re-establish ties with other members of the school community.


The PTG sponsors or assists with many events and programs throughout the school year.  The PTG can be involved by organizing and implementing the activity or providing volunteers and/or financial support.  The following is a sample of the kinds of events which have been offered in the past.  All events and programs are conditional upon current availability of volunteers and funds.

  • Penns Valley Homecoming Parade

Each year the school district has a homecoming parade at the Grange Fair Ground in Centre Hall the Thursday before the Homecoming Football Game.  Our PTG hosts a Pie Concession Booth and builds a Mile Township Elementary Float.

How you can help:Volunteer to Chair either the Concession Stand or the Float Building Committee.
Serve on either Committee.
Volunteer to walk with the children in the parade.
Volunteer to make pies to be sold at the concession booth.                    

  • Spring Carnival

Held in May or June at the Miles Township Carnival grounds and is sponsored by the PTG.  There are games, food, and raffles.  Information regarding this activity will be sent home as appropriate.

How You Can Help:
Volunteer to Chair for the following:
  • Food
  • Prizes
  • Work Schedules for games & Senior Citizen assistance

  • Book Fair  & Book Swap

The PTG sponsors a book fair during Parent/Teacher conference week.  The ultimate goal of the book fair is to encourage students to read more by making it easy and affordable for them to acquire fun and interesting books.  The PTG, in cooperation with the Scholastic Book Company, has offered hundreds of titles for sale.  There are books for children of all elementary school ages, including popular series like The Magic Tree House, Boxcar Children, Harry Potter and the American Girl Collection and featuring favorite children’s characters like Arthur, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Franklin the Turtle.  Some reading-related software is also available.   

Books are available in all price ranges, from $1.00 for some paperbacks to over $20.00 for hard cover.  Children can also purchase pencils, erasers, bookmarks, posters, and stickers.  

Scholastic “matches” our total sales and teachers are able to choose new books for their classrooms.

How You Can Help:
Volunteer to chair an event
Assist with set up
Serve as a cashier

  • School Picture Day(s)

The annual rite of passage that parents love and children love to dislike arrives early in the school year-School Picture Day.  Each year the school district arranges for a professional photographer to visit each of the area schools and offer an opportunity to purchase individual and class photos of your child.  About a week before School Picture Day, your child will bring home an order form showing the various packages that are available.  You are asked to make your selection and return your order with payment on the day pictures are taken.  In the spring, the same company returns to the school and photographs the children with a “special background,” it’s at the discretion of the family if they’d like to purchase these photos.

The role of the PTG on School Picture Day is to provide whatever assistance is needed to help the day run smoothly.  That usually includes handing out combs, cleaning faces and letting the next classroom know when the photographer is ready for them.

  • Field Day

To promote physical fitness and showcase student achievements in athletics, the Penns Valley Area School District sponsors a Field Day at each of the four elementary schools.  Usually held in May, Field Day offers students an opportunity to compete for ribbons in a number of events including sack races, three-legged races, relay races, rope skipping, broad jump, frisbee throw, softball throw, the ever popular tug-of-war and much more.


  • The Fundraisers

The Rebersburg-Miles Township PTG sponsors a few fundraising events each school year.  The money raised by these events provide the majority of the PTG’s funds used to pay for field trips, assemblies, activities, classroom supplies and other materials and equipment needed during the year.  These could include Christmas flowers & candles, cookie dough/magazines, etc.  Your enthusiasm and support are vital to the continued success of this effort.

How it Works
Your child will bring home brochures containing photos of the products they are selling and order forms.

You and your child are given at least two weeks to sell as many items as you can to family members, relatives, neighbors, friend, and co-workers.  At the end of two weeks, you are asked to help your child tally his/her orders and return the order forms and money to school.

You are notified when delivery will occur.  Orders will be delivered to the school.  You will need to pick items up at the school.  You are then asked to help your child deliver those items to customers.

How You Can Help:

Encourage and motivate your child to sell as much as possible and aid him/her in this effort as much as you can.

Make sure that all order forms are filled out correctly and completely.  This will save a great deal of time when orders are tallied and prizes are determined.  

Assist with fundraiser delivery.

Recommend new ideas at a monthly meeting or to an officer.

Volunteer to “chair” a fundraiser.

  • General Mills Box Tops for Education Program

General Mills began the Box Tops for Education Program as a means to help schools raise money for whatever programs, equipment, or supplies they may need.  You simply clip Box Tops for Education logos from General Mills cereals, snacks, and Yoplait yogurt packaging etc., and send them to school with your child.  The PTG’s Box Tops for Education Coordinator counts and mails the logos to General Mills, who then sends the PTG a check based on the number of logos submitted.

  • Labels for Education

Labels for Education is a program that lets you earn school and athletic supplies.  You simply clip and save UPCs and beverage/sauce caps from over 2,500 participating products, then send them to school with your child.  The PTG’s Labels for Education Coordinator counts and mails the UPCs and caps in to earn points.  The points can then be used to earn free stuff from the Labels for Education catalogue.  These items include:  athletic equipment, art supplies, and classroom resources.  Our school must be re-registered for this program every year by the coordinator.

  • Target “Take charge of education” program

Target stores have a “Take Charge of Education” program that can earn our school up to 1% of purchases by using a Target REDcard in any Target store, ½% if card is used outside of Target.  The Target RED card is a Target credit card, Target debit card, or Target Visa card.  You can sign up to designate our school by going to Target.com/tcoe.  A check is mailed out once a year in September.

  • Giant A+ rewards

Giant A+ School Rewards are points that accrue with each purchase using your Giant  BONUSCARD. At the end of each month, the A+ School Rewards are used in a calculation using all participating schools to determine your school's cash total, which is then automatically added to your school's account. Our school will then receive a check in the Spring at the end of the program year for the amount accumulated. Every year the school must re-register for the program.  The Giant BONUSCARD holders must also designate our school each year.  

How You Can Help:
Have your family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles…) save logos and designate our school with their shopping cards.

If you belong to an organization, or know someone who does, consider asking them to sponsor our program and collect logos on our behalf.


  • Field Trips

The Penns Valley Area School District is, “committed to providing opportunities to enrich and enhance the academic and cultural development of the individual learner through field trips” (Board Policy Statement D-15). Some field trips are partially funded by the school district. All other field trips are funded by the PTG (the choice of which field trips to attend lies solely with the teachers).

  • Teachers’ Petty Cash

Every year the PTG provides each teacher with a classroom allotment of funds to spend on classroom supplies, special projects, or equipment.

If you would like to suggest that the PTG purchase a particular piece of equipment or certain supplies for the school, you may make your recommendation at a PTG meeting at any time.

Other Activities/Events Supported by the PTG

Spelling Bee

Library Books

School Field Trips

Teacher Appreciation Gifts/Treats

Halloween Treat Bags

Box Top Prizes


The Rebersburg-Miles Township PTG wants to WELCOME you to our school and invite your participation in any way throughout the year.  If you have any questions or ideas, please contact any PTG officer or the School Office.
Rebersburg-Miles Township Elementary School
80 Town Lane RD
Rebersburg PA 16872
(814) 422-2006