May 2014

May 2014

 May 13, 2014 PTG Meeting Minutes


Present:  Shannon Stover, Bethany Coursen, Michele Houtz, Lorie Wick, Monica Martin, Mrs. Dawson, Sandra Butz, Jessica Neese


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.


  • Secretary Report:  April minutes read, motion made to let minutes stand as is by Lorie Wick and 2nd by Shannon Stover. Voted and approved.


  • Treasurer Report:  Report given as follows:

-February beginning balance=$7456.45        

-GREATT balance=$4566.44

-Expenses for February=$1840.11

-Deposits for February=$609.46

-February Ending/March Beginning balance=$6225.80

-GREATT balance=$4566.44

-Expenses for March=$1453.95

-No deposits were made for March

-March Ending/April Beginning balance=$4771.85

-GREATT balance=$4566.44

-Expenses for April=$3552.26

-Deposits for April=$3054.00

-April Ending/May Beginning balance=$4153.59

-GREATT balance=$4566.44

**Also have additional Apparel money, Marianna’s hoagie money, Pie Stand from Carnival money, PSU bus subsidy, Several field trips with spending money approved and/or busing, Collegiate Pride shirt’s to be paid for**

Motion made to let treasurers report stand as is by Michele Houtz and 2nd by Monica Martin. Voted and approved.


New Business:

  • Confirmation of Officers for 2014/2015, due to only one nominee for each officer position, voting not necessary.

New officers are as follows:

President-Shannon Stover

Vice President-Lorie Wick

Treasurer-Bethany Coursen

Secretary-Jessica Neese

No one objected to these people being officers

  • School Sign: Karl Leitzel has completed, sign in school, waiting for district to assemble. (Supplies needed for this will be paid for by district)
  • Picture of old sign given to Lorie Wick to frame for school to display.
  • District Carnival-poorly attended; likely due to weather, time of year, no reminder

Baked Goods & Pie Stand income=$280.00 after expenses, this gets split with Centre Hall, giving us $140.00 profit.

  • Discussed doing yearbook again next year, wait to hear reactions when this years comes in
  • Appointment of Chairpersons for 2014/2015:

Fundraisers-Shannon Stover-Marianna’s hoagie sale to be done around Track/Field day again, Lorie Wick-No brainers (Labels for Education, Giant, Target).

Book Swap-Lorie Wick to check with Stephanie Ruoff about doing again, will help her if needed.

Book Fair-Lorie Wick has agreed to be in charge again next year.

Teacher Appreciation-Judy Brooks has agreed to be in charge again next year.

Homecoming Float & Pie Stand-chairpersons still needed (theme is “Country Showdown”)

  • Reviewed past year’s spending


Teacher’s Corner:


  • Mrs. Miller totaled the number of students and adults for ice cream from Hettinger’s Store. Total=106 students, 13 adults. This brings total to $106.20, designated days for this are June 2nd and June 4th. A motion was made to approve the funds to purchase ice cream by Michele Houtz and 2nd by Lorie Wick. Voted and approved.

Next Meeting: A district meeting will be held for officers in June; Rebersburg PTG will meet in September, we still determining schedule for the 2014-2015 year.

Motion made to adjourn meeting by Michele Houtz, and 2nd by Shannon Stover.





Jessica Neese, PTG Secretary