meeting minutes Sept. 2015

September 8,2015 PTG Meeting Minutes
Present: Shannon Stover, Jess Neese, Mandy Confer, Jess Miller, Rebecca Hart, Sandra Butz, Jessica
Bierly, Kylie Ripka, Ms. Conner-Righter
Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.
 Secretary Report: Motion made to let August minutes stand as is by Shannon Stover and 2nd by
Jess Miller. Voted and approved.
 Treasurer Report:
Starting Balance=$SOS2.S1
-Sadecky's Puppet Show Deposit=$350.00
Ending Balance=$7732.S1
Motion made to let treasurers report stand as is by Shannon Stover and 2nd by Jess Neese.
Voted and approved.
 Old Business:
1. Email Correspondence
* Assembly-Shannon Stover made motion via email to officers to pay $750.00 for
Sadecky's Puppet Show for whole school on Dec. 3rd
• Motion 2nd by Jess Miller.
* Field Trip-Shannon Stover made motion via email to officers to pay for Pre-K,
Kindergarten, and 1st grades to see Clifford at Eisenhower Auditorium on Oct. 5th
and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades to see Big Friendly Giant on April Sth. Motion 2nd by Mandy Confer.
2. Homecoming Parade
* Details regarding float to be determined. Will be participating with Pie Stand
again this year, sign-up sheet for volunteers/pie donations will be sent home with
3. Fundraisers
* "Can You Spare A Dollar?,,-Form will be sent home with students, deadline is
Sept. 25th
* Alternative Fundraiser-Form will also be sent home with students, this is an
alternative way to raise money for parents who would prefer not to do fundraisers
4. Teacher Money
o New Process/Forms-Teachers need to fill out form for approval of spending.
5. Other
Motion made by Jess Neese and 2nd by Mandy Confer to approve teachers
spending up to a total of $100.00 per teacher for classroom supplies for the
school year--$50 will be allotted for the first submission by 12/16 and second half
with submission by 05/12. Any request to spend over $50.00 needs to be given
to PTG a week in advance. We will accept receipts from over summer for
reimbursement until 12/16.
* Yearbook-Jess Miller asked if teachers/parents/volunteers to download Replay-It
App in order to upload photos to Josten's from Assemblies, Field Trips, etc.
* Box Tops-Rebecca Hart to send letter and collection sheet home with students.
Motion was made to give incentive to class who collects most sheets at end of 
* New Business:
school year by Jess Neese and 2nd by Mandy Confer. A monthly reminder will besent home letting parents/students know status of leader.
School Picture Volunteer-Sue Coursen will be helping with school pictures on Fri. Sept. 11th
Book Fair-Jess Neese confirmed dates of Nov. 16_24th.
Tissue Tower-Ms. Comier-Righter checked in storage, still plenty of tissues for
this school year
1. PTG Packet-Shannon Stover put together packet of information from PTG that will be
sent home with students.
2. Halloween Parade-Shannon Stover made motion to spend up to $100.00 for treat bags
and treat for each student and 2nd by Jess Miller.
3. Color-A-Thon-Kick-off to be held on 09/16 at school for students, event to be held at PVEI on 10/24
Teacher's Corner:
1. Teachers will let PTG know ideas for Monthly Positive Behavior Rewards.
2. Red Ribbon Week will be held in Oct.
Next Meeting: To be held on Tuesday, October 13th @ 6:30 in the Art/Music Room
Motion made to adjourn meeting by Mandy Confer and 2nd by Shannon Stover.
Mandy Confer, PTG Secretary