October 2015

October 13, 2015 PTG Meeting Minutes


Present: Shannon Stover, Mandy Confer, Jess Miller, Jess Neese, Kurt Nyquist, Jen Dawson, Sandra Butz, Rebecca Hart


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.


  • Secretary Report:
    • Amendment made to deadline for Can you Spare A $1.00 fundraiser.  Date changed to September 25, 2015
    • Motion made by Jess Neese to approve minutes, second by Mandy Confer


    • Thank you to Jesse Neese and Shannon Stover for the work on the float.
    • There was great turnout of students and all had a great time.
    • Float took second place.
    • Thank you to the Alumni Association for donating $50.00 toward expenses for the float.
    • Total expenses toward float was $65.
    • Thank you to the volunteers that assisted in the Pie Stand
    • Thank you to everyone that donated pies.  This was the first year all pies were donated.
    • Bethany Coursen has volunteered to take pie stand over next year.

      3.     Fundraisers

    • Can you Spare a $1.00 we have collected $288.00 so far.  You can send in money at anytime.
    • Alternative Fundraiser we have collected $395.00.  We will continue to send all fundraisers home and the parent(s) can choose whether to participate or not.
    • Magazine Subscription we had 26 kids turn in the booklet.  We received money for just filing out the forms.
    • Teacher money
      • No one has requested reimbursements yet or had any questions regarding new form.
      • PTG officers will not have to get the principals signature on form but another officer will sign for reimbursement.

        4.     Other

    • Yearbook
      • Will start calling around to local business to see if they would like to put an Ad in yearbook.
      • Cost will be $25/Ad.
      • We will seek business within the district.
      • Will have the tribute page for fourth graders again.
  • Treasurer Report:

    September Beginning Balance                               $7,732.81


                 -Sitter for Sept. meeting                                  $15.00

                 -Jostens                                                           $214.65

                 -Pie Stand Fee                                                             $25.00


                +Spare a $1.00 fundraiser                                $288.00

                +Alternative Fundraiser                                               $395.00

                +Homecoming Pie Stand                                  $459.00

                +Parade Float 2nd place                                                $100.00

                +Alumni Money donated (float)                                  $50.00


    Total Deposits thur September                         $1,292.00


    Ending Balance for September                                                $8,770.06


    Motion made to let treasurers report stand as is by Shannon Stover and second by Jess Neese.


    Old Business:

    1.     Email Correspondence

    1. oMs. Houser asked for funding for a field trip to Wasson Farms.  Cost will be $5/person.  Motion was made by Shannon Stover to allot $300 for trip, second by Jess Miller.
    2. oMs. Righter requested small pumpkins for painting as the reward for the bully program in October.  Shannon Stover made a motion to approval the purchase of the pumpkins, second by Jess Miller.
      • Teachers would like the pumpkins by October 29th.
    3. Shannon Stover requested to print the magazine fundraiser flyer in color approximate cost would be $45.  Motion made to approve expense by Jess Miller, second by Jess Neese.
    4. A request was made to use some of the GREATT money to purchase BEE Bots and accessories up to $1,700.  Motion made to approve expense by Shannon Stover, second by Mandy Confer.
      • Bee Bots have not been ordered yet.
      • The District will buy and PTG will reimburse the District.

        2.     Homecoming Parade

  • Box tops will be submitted by November 2, 2015. 
  • Book Fair posters have arrived.  Cases will be here on November 13, 2015
  • Trick or Treat bags are completed and will be dropped off at the school.
  • Color-A-Thon is on October 24th.  We had 4/5 kids that will be participating and raised approximately $300.
  • Teacher Appreciation is being handled by Judy Brooks and she is still looking for additional help.
  • Cookbook
  • Recipe collection will be December 7-18.
  • We will order a minimum of 100.
  • We will start selling around March 27, 2016.
  • When submitting we would like to have the person submitting the recipe give the relationship to the person that asked them to submit.  Example: Grandmother of  and then students name
  • Library Update
    • Books are here!
    • Still do not have table or chairs.
    • Students will start to check out books next week.
    • Do not have target when the rest of items will be in.

New Business:

  1. Buddy Bench
  • If a child does not have someone to play with or a new students arrive the thought would be that the student can sit on the bench and another student will see this and come over and ask them to join in on activity.
  • It will cost $150 for materials for the bench.  Shannon Stover made a motion to approve the expense, second by Mandy Confer.
  • Will ask the Art teacher to work with Fourth grade class to design the bench.
  • Hoping to sit bench on playground in March/April.
  • We will reach out to business to see if we can get paint supplies donated.

2.    Apparel

  • Shannon Stover will look into doing an apparel order this year.

3.    Ram Card (4th Graders at PVEI)

  • Would like to get 4th graders from all district schools together a few times a year to allow an easier transition into 5th grade.
  • Looking to get the kids together in March and May.
  • Seeking ideas for events/activities to get the kids together.

4.    Fundraisers at CHE and PVEI

  • CHE will be holding a Designer Bag Bingo on November 6th.
  • PVEI will be holding Lego & American Girl Bingo on November 22, 2015.

5.    Teacher Time

  • Teachers are planning Red Ribbon week and do not expect to incur any cost at this time.
  • Monthly awards: Painting pumpkins for October.  November will be painting windows and doors.
  • oMr. Nyquist is at the school on Tues/Thurs and half day on Friday.  Seems to be working well.


Next Meeting: To be held on Tuesday, Nov. 10th @ 6:30 p.m. in Art/Music Room

Motion made to adjourn meeting by Jess Neese and second by Mandy Confer.




Mandy Confer, PTG Secretary