Homework and Classroom Communication

Students will have homework on a nightly basis. They will have 10 minutes of math work and should have 20 minutes of language arts work that may consist of independent reading, spelling, or read aloud material.  The expectation is that homework should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. Each student has a homework tracker sheet that homework assignments will be recorded on daily by the student.  Parents should sign this each day to verify that work has been completed. Students are expected to complete the homework to the best of their ability and in a timely manner.  

 In addition to regular homework, I will periodically send out an email to parents.  These emails will provide information that parents need to be aware of and aid in helping their student be successful.  Parents also will have the option of signing up for Remind 101 which gives a quick text or email for the purpose of short reminders.

Students will also be keeping a portfolio of graded work that will periodically come home for parents to view.  Parents and students will provide feedback regarding goals for future work.