Classroom News





   First Grade News

- Students focused on short “o” words and words that end with“x” last week. They played various games and read various stories that focused on short o words. Students have also been practicing their spelling and word wall words on their i-Pads in many creative ways. 
Students have been focusing on inflected endings such as "s" and "ing" and how you can change a word by adding an ending onto the end of a  baseword.  Students also have been learning that a plural is when you add an  "s" onto a baseboard to show that it means more than one.  


High Frequency Words – Each week, students are introduced to
3 new high frequency words that should be part of their everyday vocabulary when reading and writing.  Students practice these words in many ways and using many strategies.  Hopefully, these words will eventually become part of each child's daily reading and writing. 

Writing– In Writing Workshop, students have been working on knowing what to do when they think they are done writing a story. They learned that they can add more details to their illustrations, label pictures, and add more to the story. They also learned that when they are finished writing a story, they need to reread and start a new one. Some students have gotten to share their stories during Author's Chair. Students read their stories aloud and their peers share good things they see and hear in the author's story. Students also offer helpful suggestions of what a writer might try the next time when writing a story.

SocialStudies - Students have continued to learn about rules and laws. Students have learned that when you break a rule or law, there are consequences that must be given. Most importantly, they learned that we must follow rules and laws because they help keep us safe.

Math Students have been learning how to count and write numbers up to 50.  Students have learned how to find a number that comes before, after, or in between numbers up to 50.  

Students have been reading books silently at their developmental level. These are the colored books that come home.They have also been reading decodable readers that reinforce the phonics that we focus on for the week. Last, students read assigned stories in their basal book. These stories in their hardback reading book focus on high frequency words and comprehension. Students focused on what makes a story a fantasy and what is reality.  Students are learning to differentiate between fiction and non fiction books. Please return colored books on a daily basis.  We will collect them out of their homework folders each morning. 

Schoolwide Rewards - Since September is a month of learning new rules and expectations, we realize all students need time to adapt. For that reason, students will get to  participate in the Schoolwide reward of eating lunch outside the first nice day next week. It is our hope that next month, students will make good choices and follow the 3 R's in all areas of the school. If a student bullies, hits, kicks, spits, or uses foul language, the monthly reward will be taken away from that student. In addition in first grade, if a student receives 4 or more reds in any month for inappropriate behavior, that student will lose the Schoolwide Positive Behavior Reward. It is our hope that all students will be able to participate in the fun filled events that will occur throughout the year.

Communication- Please continue to feel free to contact me via email or by phone.You can call me between 2:45 – 3:15 and Mrs. Martz will forward the call to me. If you call at any other time, you will have to leave a message with Mrs. Martz, our secretary, at 422–2006. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Have a great week!